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Healthy Self Programs is a review website that works hour-to-hour in order to write down reviews on many supplements, with the aim of covering all supplements that exist in today’s market. We don’t just stop with what we have, but constantly work 24 hours a day in order to provide you the desired info.


We conduct our own private experimentation with supplements in order to assess our own results and write reviews on them. There are very few bodybuilding supplements that you can actually trust these days, which is why we’re here - to help you find the ones that you can trust!


All of our reviews are based on our editor’s experiences, and are completely unbiased and fair. We want you to trust our reviews and use them for your own bodybuilding supplement needs. With every review we conduct and write, we tend to:


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-          Its pros and cons

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You will find this structure in most of our supplement reviews, thus allowing you to assess the supplement on a structured and organized basis. If we ever hear from our users and readers any negative feedback, we change the reviews and add their experiences as well. Plus, we often conduct double experimentations in order to complete the reviews.


If that’s not enough, Healthy Self Programs also helps your life be easier by organizing our own lists of top products in every supplement field. You can find the top weight loss pills, muscle mass gainers, and so on. All of them are organized in a top basis with brief explanations on why they deserved their positions.


Even though we are relatively young in the internet, HealthySelfPrograms.com is here to stay. We will regularly update our reviews and expand the list of topics we cover, so that you won’t have to visit any other website for supplement info. Plus, if you have any sort of question or request, please let us know. We’re waiting to hear from you!

HaroldGodwinson Anabolic rx24

Most men are becoming more and more concerned about how their body will feel and look like. Just like their female counterparts, men want a body that they can flaunt while also being impeccably healthy. Unfortunately, due to the process of natural aging, men can experience slight decreases to the production of testosterone which is dually responsible for the buildup of muscle. This is where Anabolic Rx24 steps in to help men. It has been expressly created as method of helping men who are currently experiencing issues with their testosterone levels. This is a supplement in which men are able to decrease their risk of cardiovascular disease, help to build muscle and improve upon sexual stamina. 

Anabolic Rx24 is able to work through a major component that is Trillium Erectum and an array of other natural ingredients. The composition of organic and natural ingredients enable the supplement to act as a most powerful booster that works through the strengthening of adrenal glands allowing for the natural production of testosterone within the body. It is also able to work through the infusing of the blood stream in regards to the restoring of healthy free testosterone levels. 

With its high performing combination of natural antioxidants and laboratory tested testosterone complexes, Anabolic Rx24 is able to raise levels so that men are able to benefit from the following:

· Healthier and leaner building of muscles

· Boosts of metabolism

· Increased stamina

· Increased energy

· Fast and effective results

· Improved bone mineral density

· Better cognitive function

· Slowing of the effects of aging

Main Ingredients

Anabolic Rx24 is available in capsules that are 742mg each. They are composed of the following active ingredients:

·                Horny Goat Weed Extract

·                Tongkat Ali Root Extract

·                Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract

·                Wild Yam Root Extract

                 Sarsaparilla Root Extract

·                Nettle Root Extract

·                  Boron Amino Acid Chelate – This is actually an advanced booster that increases the potency of the other ingredients.

Is it Safe?

Given that the testosterone booster is comprised of all natural and organic ingredients, there is no risk of men suffering any hazardous side effects. You will need to consult the ingredients in order to ensure that no allergic reactions may occur. Additionally, through a variety of reviews, there have been no adverse side effect reported or even hinted at by consumers that have previously used the supplement. Do keep in mind that there is not another all natural and/or organic testosterone booster currently on the market that is able to do what Anabolic Rx24 can. For this reason, the manufacturers refuse to deter from the proven formula and will continue to avoid incorporating any chemicals. Moreover, you will be able to improve your overall health and wellness in a manner that is more than safe for all men to consume. 

The manufacturer does provide all of its customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This should let all known just how much they stand behind their product. This is also confirmed by the fact that the supplement is revered as among the very best on today’s market. 

For additional information regarding the testosterone supplement, visit the following:


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How to Lose Man Boobs With Gynectrol Suppliment

What is gynecomastia? 

It is a medical condition that affects many men from teenagers to seniors. It similarly affects body building individuals that use anabolic steroids for a longer period of time. The main sign of gynecomastia is marked the presence of adipose cells accumulation in the chest region, which results in the appearance of a condition known as “man boobs.” For those individuals who are searching for a cure for this condition, the answer is Gynectrol.

According to its official manufacturers, this drug is exclusively made from natural ingredients and is used to eliminate the fatty tissues on men’s chest region in a safe and fast way.

Gynectrol pill’s main features

·                        It comes packed in a plastic container that is completely sealed

·                       Caffeine is the chief ingredient in its mixture. Caffeine plays the following roles

 It accelerates the rate at which the body metabolism occurs

 It stimulates the release of fat tissues into the bloodstream

 It is involved in the process of burning fat deposits

·                       Chromium and arginine are ingredients that eliminate the fatty deposits and also stimulate muscle growth

·                      There is also a group of substances called gugglesterones that induce the glands’ activities to produce hormones that are of utmost importance in the process of muscle building

                   · Green tea, recognized for its elevated content in alkaloids and flavonoids, is also a part of the product's formula. Its antioxidant properties increase the process of burning fat

Strengths and merits of gynectrol

Its treatment does not involve surgery since it comes in the form of a pill or a tablet. This makes its administration easy since the bottle can be carried around easily. Besides its convenience, the drug has been proved to be effective

It is also a companion for individuals who practice muscle building. The anabolic steroids that they use accumulate in their body and with time, they could result in moobs. Hence to avoid this, bodybuilders used gynectrol in addition to other products to avoid a probable moobs occurrence.

Unlike other numerous gynecomastia treatments, gynectrol’s formula is made up of natural ingredients, and, therefore, does not harm one’s health in any way, hence it’s safe and doesn’t have side effects

When you take this drug, you will feel more confident, better, and able to enjoy ones health since this product balances one's hormonal secretions

Do gynectrol tablets have weaknesses?

Yes- they do. The only minor weakness of this product is the fact that its result can occur after quite a number of weeks. However, the changes come slowly, though they are permanent.

Users’ opinions towards the product

Gynectrol has received a lot of positive reviews from its users from all parts of the world who affirm that it is an efficient and a safe solution in eliminating man boobs. It has been said to be a better alternative to other treatment techniques e.g. surgical removal. What is even of more significance, most users praised it for its absence of side effects and admitted it is safe and worth taking. To read more on gynectrol, visit http://www.healthyselfprograms.com/gynectrol-a-method-for-how-to-lose-man-boobs/

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Wartrol's Efficiency 

Although you may at times feel like you are alone, more than half of all people and almost as many women are infected with the human papiloma virus (HPV), which causes warts. At present, there are millions of persons walking around with warts, both plantar and genital warts, and they are not being treated. If you think that over the counter drugs just don't work and that Wartrol is a rip-off, then you should read on.

What Is Wartrol?

This is a natural and topical solution that is used in wart treatment and removal. It is based on scientifically established knowledge and although it is produced from natural ingredients, it actually does work. Even though you may have heard about it being a scam online, here is some info about how it truly does work.

Wartrol could not be any easier to use and when you contrast it to the pain and suffering that you would have to endure if you had your warts removed by a doctor, then you will realize just why many people are relying on this drug and its efficient ingredients.

One reason why some individuals claim that this drug is a rip-off is because they still get warts after using it. It is imperative to know that warts do not have a cure since they are caused by a virus (HPV), which millions of individuals have. So, although it can help you to alleviate the warts, some may not stop if you fail to adhere to stipulated instructions.

When you begin to read the reviews for Wartrol, you will realize that it helps to cure warts in a couple of days. What you need to do is smear it on your warts, allow it to dry on air for some minutes, and then let it work for about twenty minutes. After that, you should just re-apply one or two more times. If you do this for about two or three days consecutively, you will realize that the warts just dry up and then fall off by themselves. Wartrol is similarly one of the primary cures for genital warts too.

One thing that most individuals do to their warts is pricking and scrapping them. It is imperative that when you're using Wartrol or even if you are not, that you allow it to dry up on its own and fall off or you risk spreading it to other individuals or to other parts of the body. 

Is it worth investing in?

If you've had even at least one wart in your entire life, then chances are that you can get more infected with them in the near future and that's why it is imperative to have plenty of Wartrol close at hand. When you purchase more than a single bottle online, you may get an additional bottle for free, which means you will always have some of it in case a wart shows up. When used as instructed, you should look ahead to alleviate your wart in about two to three days devoid of any scarring. To read more on Wartrol, just visit http://www.healthyselfprograms.com/does-wartrol-really-remove-warts-a-thorough-wartrol-review/ and you will be fully informed about it.

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Crazy Mass’s Competitors Can Not Be Trusted

Were you aware of the fact that around sixty million American citizens spend forty billion dollar annually on various bodybuilding supplements, herbs, vitamins and different alternative remedies? The fact of the matter is that when it comes to getting results, the vast majority of bodybuilders, weight-loss enthusiasts and fitness buffs are quite impatient and desire immediate success.


The intense quest for rapid fatless muscle and reduced body fat percentages has lead the bodybuilding supplements to undergo a shopping frenzy. Plenty of muscle building addicts, who have decided to get rid of anabolic steroids, are trying out body building supplements as rapid fixed to their muscle building needs.


Although there are definitely serious brand out there, such as Crazy Mass, not all can be trusted. Once the various bodybuilding supplement manufacturers and marketers are aware of how eager these fitness buffs and bodybuilders passionately want to gain muscle quickly, they usually tend to market extremely intensely which results in this hungry market. It is important to keep in mind that not everything that is read in the advertisements is indeed true. In fact, the vast majority of their claims are false. Go with a product that you can trust and choose Crazy Mass, which you can read all about here.


The fact of the matter is that most bodybuilders are so highly driven for fast results that they usually believe just about anything that they read. Consequently, this leads to a costly behavior pattern. It is important to make use of a few key points before every boying bodybuilding supplements once again.


Do not believe all advertising promises: When searching for bodybuilding supplements, never believe what advertisers promise. Initially do your due some diligence and be pessimistic. In addition, please be carefully aware of those fellow enthusiasts who want to help you build large muscles and lower fat by suggesting specific potions that they claim do the trick. Don’t believe all of the hype so fast! Several minutes of research will lead you to the truth. Unlike them, when you read about Crazy Mass, you immediately understand that you’re dealing with a serious brand!


It is crucial to remember that some companies of bodybuilding supplements even own those magazines that they tend to promote. Therefore, the articles present within may gently be directed towards promoting their personal bodybuilding supplements. When going through such ads, please always read the small print. Always investigate!  


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Boost Your Energy Levels With Appetite Suppressant Pills!


Being socially popular definitely has its advantages. We all remember the school days when the social factor was so important dominant. Everybody tried to be on the ‘cool’ side in order to avoid being on the lunch bench with the geeks and weirdos. Ultimately, being socially accepted is an important factor for anybody, regardless of age, sex or occupation. If you have ever been singled out in an event or gathering, then you definitely know how this must feel. Overweight individuals feel the exact same thing on a daily basis!


There are solutions to this condition today, and many are already being implemented. One of the most popular of all are appetite suppressant pills, which are very affordable and extremely effective. They aim at decreasing one’s appetite so that he or she doesn’t have those common cravings for unhealthy foods and meals. These pills must not be underrated or overlooked, since they can provide benefits like no other. Therefore, we have decided to point out the essential benefits and advantages that appetite suppressant pills have to offer:


- Make you feel wanted again: Appetite suppressants don’t just aim at reducing your appetite. Obviously, that is their direct goal, but they do so much more than that. Appetite suppressant pills make you a new person, one that you can love when looking at the mirror. These pills will help you become socially active and find the loving relationship you’ve always wanted. They want you to love yourself again, and they definitely achieve this goal by making you more fit and attractive.


- Decrease health risks: Atherosclerosis is the main risk factor or being overweight. Many people don’t hear about this condition until they are about 40 or 50, but this is a crucial mistake. The buildup of fatty plaques, which is the basic mechanism in atherosclerosis, actually begins from teenage years. Research has constantly shown that obesity highly contributes to the buildup of these plaques, particular due to high levels of cholesterol in the blood stream. This can be avoided by taking appetite suppressants.


- Boost in energy: They say that your outer appearance reflects your inner health. Well, although this is definitely true, it is important to also look at the vice-versa. When you lose weight and cut fat, you will immediately feel lighter. This lightness doesn’t only make you feel better, but also provides an added boost of energy in your body. It is no secret that fats in your bloodstream highly contribute to chronic fatigue, and this is exactly what appetite suppressant pills aim to destroy.


You can change your life by purchasing appetite suppressant pills, as can be found here http://www.healthyselfprograms.com/top-5-appetite-suppressant-diet-pills-2013-14/

By giving it a try, you are placing yourself in a position of redeeming yourself!

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Finding Much-Needed Relief From Nerve Pain


Pain that is cause by your body’s nerve is commonly called neuralgia and is triggered and caused by several things that may be quite difficult to manage and treat. It is often characterized by a tingling sensation or sharp pain, which is sometimes associated with spasms, particularly if it is experienced in the lower back. Nevertheless, it is definitely possible to achieve relief of nerve pain, even though it may take a bit of time.


There are various kinds of nerve pain in different body regions and it typically affects the older populations, although many cases indicate people affected of all age groups. It may be due to damage to the body’s nerve after drug use, alcohol consumption, tibial nerve damage, brachial nerve damage, radial nerve damage, sciatic nerve damage, ulnar nerve damage, femoral nerve damage and autonomic neuropathy. When the nerves have pressure exerted on them or are run down, compressed or inflamed, this ultimately leads to sharp pain sensations, which definitely has the strong potential to be very sore. Hernias or tumors may cause this nerve pressure and infectious conditions have also proved to have effect on the nerves. Sciatica, diabetes and shingles may also lead to neuralgia. These conditions make it quite difficult to experience relief from nerve pain rapidly.


In order to properly alleviate this kind of pain, you must first find the right solution to its cause, not only something that temporarily causes relief. However, it may be quite hard to locate the exact etiology. Instant remedies may include placing a pack of ice on the particular region that is experiencing pain or placing heat treatment on it. Deep massages into this area or aromatherapy may also provide some degrees of good relief. In addition, strengthening exercises and stretching may also relieve those tense muscle groups that may be placing pressure on those affected nerves in your body, thus relieving nerve pain. Loosening the muscles may take away this pressure off of your nerves.


However, sometimes we have situations where the pain simply doesn’t want to go away following these type of remedies. These situations demand the physician’s consultant who will attempt to find the exact cause of the nerve pain in a more effective manner. Depending on the particular cause, various treatment options may work for relief of the pain, as well as aiming for its original cause. Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory medications or painkillers may be prescribed in order to alleviate the discomfort and pain.